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This website is a showcase of my passions. I love eating, cooking, and food photography. I love to leaf through cookbooks, especially the ones with lots of really great pictures. Most of my recipes have no exact measurements, unless they need to. That's just how I cook. You'll need to experiment, learn the various herbs, spices and seasonings and how to use them, but more importantly, get to know what you like. I am always amazed when recipes give you a specific measurement for things like salt and pepper. How can that be? Seasoning is a skill that will define you as a cook, and the best way to learn how to season your food it to taste it. Just keep tasting as you go. I share these recipes, not for you to follow to the letter, but to inspire.

I don’t think it matters if you're cooking for one, two, a large group, food is a comfort you treat yourself with or share with people you care about. It's worth all the effort and I am a firm believer that in cooking, just as much as travelling, the journey is just as good, if not better, than getting there.

The complicated, deep flavours of cooked for hours and hours classics such as coq au vin, pulled pork, braised short ribs, or a ragout is a perfect way to spend the afternoon in on a cold day. The smell of roasting chicken with rosemary and thyme permeating throughout the house is one of my favourite things in life. Hand rolling pasta, making ricotta and a rich tomato meat sauce for my 12 hour ravioli is an epic feat and one I take great pleasure. This isn't a dish I take on when I'm in a hurry or not in the mood to cook, this dish takes commitment and time.

On the other end of the spectrum, I love and appreciate simplicity at it's best. Three good quality ingredients; salty salami, creamy sharp cheese, and fresh, soft bread. No need for butter, mayo...nothing. The oils in the salami, and the creaminess of the cheese are enough to moisten each bite, made better only with a bit of spicy mustard or sweet fruit compote and a nice glass of wine. When you make simple food, there needs to be more care and attention to detail. You have to start with good quality ingredients and they will not disappoint...guaranteed.

Fire or charcoal will make any stomach rumble. Have you been walking along and that familiar aroma hits you and you instantly crave it. It's that primal hunger we all have when we smell smoke and the urges can be overwhelming. Light the BBQ and watch the whole neighbourhood light theirs. They can't help it.You may not think it to be possible, but you can make fire smell even better? Throwing some meat on it, fat burning on an open flame is magical and food simply transforms when kissed by fire. Peppers and corn on the cob get sweet and juicy, fatty meats slathered in BBQ sauce caramelize, flatbread toasts up perfectly golden, crisp and chewy. I once owned a hot dog cart in my early twenties, and whenever there was a lull in business, I would throw a sacrificial sausage on the grill and throw diced onions right into the coals and watch them come running...literally.

I have a few pleasures in life that I cannot live without. The love of driving, sitting at a bar for an afternoon and cooking (not all at the same time obviously). I can hop in my car and drive 5 hours away, have some lunch and drive right back, or I can waste a whole day hopping from one dank bar to another. Like driving or barhopping, the act of cooking can be therapeutic and relaxing. A great way to escape the daily grind. For me, the process is as important as the final dish, and eating, much like the destination can pretty good too.

Why not try? How hard can it be? Making gnocchi, pasta, bread, real whipped cream or curry? These aren't new-fangled concepts or ideas, people have been making them for eons, without the modern day conveniences of mixers, blenders, temperature-controlled ovens and stoves, refrigeration, microwaves, just recipes handed down. Potatoes, flour and water make gnocchi...simple. I don't profess to be an encyclopedia, and no one would accuse me of it, but I love to cook and I like to share what I've learned along the way.

You need to eat
...better learn how to cook

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