You need to eat

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Between Hank and I, we have over 50 years in the bar and restaurant industry and have worked every type of food and drink establishment you can imagine, both front and back of the house. I'm a 22-year veteran and I've been blessed with some great teachers in the industry, some of the best in fact. Like most industry workers, we both love and hate this industry with a passion.

I've often compared it to prostitution or stripping and in many ways, that is exactly what it is. Something that is meant to get you through college or to earn some quick cash. For some, this is exactly what they use it for. They get in, they get out. I've tried on many occasions to escape it, but it's been my life for so long, a part of my very fibre as a human being, that I find myself falling back into it, almost subconsciously. I've worked in some really great places, where I've considered everyone as family and lifelong friends and some shit places that were almost like an abusive relationship difficult to escape.

Although, I've held almost every job in the restaurant, I don't pretend to be an expert on the restaurant industry, just a lowly peon with lots of experience in the trenches. I would love to know how much cutlery I've polished or wine glasses, how many roll-ups I've done, how many times words like 'can I get you something to drink?' or 'have a good night' have exited my lips?

In my life, my passions are food, drink and the restaurant business. This site is a compilation of what we've learned and our years of experience. You need to eat...better start cooking, and pour yourself a drink!

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