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Beef Recipes

We're all told not to eat too much red meat, so when you do, you should enjoy it and treat it as something special and delicious. Imagine lighting the BBQ and not having a nice juicy steak to toss on? Whenever someone graduates, gets promoted at work, comes into extra money or any special occasion; the best way to treat ourselves or others is a steak. Pull out the herbs and spices, season well, cook well and serve with some tasty sides. Open that bottle of wine or scotch. I mean you've already splurged on the meat, so why not go all out. Then, on the other hand, some cuts of beef are a bit more pedestrian, but should get the same treatment and I'll show you ways to achieve that.

I dedicate this page to beef and all those who love it. These are just a small handful of my favourites, with many more to come. Just click on the photo for the recipes!

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