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The secret to the best fries


There are a few things to remember when making fries. I like them really well seasoned, crispy and dunked in ketchup. Most consider fries a guilty pleasure and one of the simplest comfort food, so why not make them as tasty as possible? Don't waste your waist on crappy fries.

There is nothing too complicated to making them. I recommend investing in a fryer basket. You may not think you need one, I didn't...until I tried it. Just go buy one, they're worth the two dollars they cost. Next, you'll need some oil in a deep pot on your stove. Chop up your potatoes as thick or thin as you like or have the patience for and soak them in cold water while you wait for the oil to heat up. When you're ready to go, drain your potatoes and dry them off with a paper towel. Load up a frier basket and lower it into the oil. You only want to cook the fries halfway through, avoid letting them get brown, about 2 minutes. Lay the fries on a clean paper towel to drain the oil.

This next step is my tried and true method and the key to the perfect fries. When your fries have cooled, take a wooden spoon and bash them up. Don't pulverize them, but give them rough edges and jagged ends. This is what makes them super crispy, I guarantee it! Those edges give more surfaces that get really crispy. Toss them back into the fryer basket and lower into the oil. Cook them until they're done, a couple minutes. Season them as soon as they come out with lots of salt and pepper (and you can add anything you like to them too...herbs or seasonings) but don't be shy with the salt. Fries love salt! Serve them immediately, pipping hot with ketchup or your favourite dip.

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