I saw Toy Story in the theatre and, like everyone else, I was blown away. The animation was so amazing and groundbreaking, and the story was so original. Now, 16 years and a billion computer animated flicks later, the stories are starting to get repetitive, the characters all trying to out-cute each other and make the best Halloween costumes, kids' toys or video games.

This movie is much the same old, same old. We meet Flint Lockwood, a whacky scientist/inventor as a child in show and tell, displaying his new spray-on shoes and follow him into his young adulthood. He has a father, a widow, who owns the local bait and tackle shop. He tries to be supportive of his son, but the two couldn't be any further apart. He is old school and speaks in fish metaphors which means nothing to his son. The town they live in is in dire trouble, with the main source of income, the local sardine factory closing down. The town is devastated, sucked of all colour and inexplicably, all flavour.

Now, the young, socially awkward and a bit of a loner scientist is going to need a female foil to fall for. Enter Sam Sparks, an aspiring weather reporter sent to the small island town to cover the town's unveiling of their new big sardine tourism campaign. She spends the first half the movie trying to play dumb around Flint...not sure why. Flint thinks he has the perfect solution for the town's financial woes. He invented a machine that will create delicious food, but instead manages to ruin the town's big day and everyone is angry with him.

Until the machine WORKS! All of a sudden it starts to rain cheeseburgers. Now, everyone loves him and his food precipitation and the town is saved...until things go horribly awry. Unfortunately, the food starts to mutate and gets bigger and bigger. In comes the spaghetti tornado, meatballs the size of huge boulders, a Vegas-style buffet blizzard, even a leftovers avalanche.


You can't ignore some of the social commentary being made in this film. The fat mayor's representation of greedy corporate America wanting more and more, regardless of the environmental consequences. The best line that says it all is from the black cop, who is nothing short of absolutely devoted to his family, says "I know Flint Lockwood made the food, but it was made to order, and now it's time for us to pay the bill". So deep... There are others like the Guatemalan doctor/cameraman/comedian/pilot immigrant looking for a better life in America, who isn't allowed to use his skills or education, the sexism that exists in television, or the lack of technology savvy of old folks.

So the town's main characters all band together and save the town from food annihilation. All in all, this movie was entertaining, mildly amusing and made me hungry. A good rainy day afternoon time-killer. At some point in everyone's life, not wanting to get off the couch, who hasn't wished for cheeseburgers to start raining down?

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