The story of a bunch of ad executives, stranded in the Ontario wilderness after their plane crashes with only Buccaneer chocolate bars to sustain them. There's the usual cast of characters; the egotistical VP, who is really an asshole and no one likes him; the brown noser Account Jr, who is always cheerful and optimistic; the smart mouthed copywriter, cynical and sarcastic; the eccentric art director, artsy and bohemian; the client, a bit of a slime ball with marital problems. And there's the pilot who is declared dead and keeps popping back into the story and the mysterious old trapper that only pops in the background. Let's not forget whatever is stealing their Buccaneer bars, one at a time.

I found this movie quite amateurish and a bit dull. The characters are the clichés of their titles and sexes. Even the running jokes in the movie are boring and predictable, the misspelling of their ‘HELP’ signs and ‘TMLF’. Watching this bunch run around the woods with their story boards, trying to flag down the odd plane that flies overhead and fighting with each other is barely entertaining. If you’re thinking of watching this one, I’d give it a miss…

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